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Feast in Pune

February 9, 2007







If you are a true-blue Punekar, don’t read this, for I am sure you would have experienced what I am about to describe. If you are not one, do enjoy this gastronomic experience, first in your mind’s eye, and then on your next visit to Pune.


The moment you enter Shreyas on

Apte Road

near Deccan Gymkhana (they’ve opened a branch on

Satara Road

, near Swar Gate too), you are greeted by the glorious spectacle of devoted foodies enjoying their food with rapt attention. You sit down; there is already a taat with vatis in front of you. There is no menu card and no need to order. The waiters will immediately start serving and filling up your plate. You go to Shreyas to eat their thali; and if you so desire, you can have a sweet dish like Gulab Jam, Modak, Fruit Salad, or Amrakhand to accompany.


The fare varies, and on my recent visit for lunch yesterday, there was excellent Aloo Chi Bhaji, Matar Usal, Tomato Rassa, Umti, Batata Bhaji, Batata Wada, Dhokla, Chappaties, Puris, Rice with Waran and a liberal topping of pure ghee, and the usual Koshimbir, Chutney, Papad, with cool refreshing taak (buttermilk) to wash down the meal. And the end, they serve a Vida (paan) to enhance the intoxicating sensation you will feel after relishing this magnificent meal. Did I say “intoxication”? Yes. Not the alcoholic kind, but non-alcoholic intoxication at its best. If you truly want to savor this delicious pure vegetarian cuisine, don’t make the mistake of ruining your experience by having a drink. I think that’s true for all gourmet food.


I will not try and describe the delicious dishes. I cannot. Words fail me to recreate the pristine impeccable flavors, aromas, textures and tastes. It’s unmatched delectable top-quality Maharashtrian cuisine at its best. It’s an “unlimited” meal and you can feast and satiate yourself to your heart’s content.


The next time you visit Pune, have a meal at Shreyas. It’s value for money authentic cuisine, and you will carry with you mouthwatering memories of the delightful feast for a long long time.