Aundh Food Walk

Aundh Food Walk


Vikram Karve



Come with me on a food walk in Aundh. Let’s start from the Body Gate or Bremen Chowk end of

DP Road



As you enter

DP Road

, to your right is a typical fruit juice bar cum pav bhaji open air place called Bala’s. I’m real hungry, so let’s move on.


There’s Baker’s Basket Cake shop to your left – it’s not my birthday, and cakes are not what I have in mind to satiate my pangs of hunger!


Just ahead there’s Bananas – a pizza, pasta fast food joint and Baskin Robbins. Looks good – maybe some other time.


Now we come to Deepak Sweets. Let’s stop and watch the cute young things relish  Bhel, Pani Puri, Chaat, Kachori, Samosas, Dhoklas and gorge on rasagullas and sweets.


Mann Dairy – Arguably the second best lassi in Pune (nearly as good as Shiv
Kailas opposite Pune Railway Station). A must on every food walk in Aundh. And next door is Radhika – an Idli / Dosa place. A little ahead on the opposite side of the road are Vishi’s and Mongini’s Snack and Bake shops. And just before Parihar Chowk is Arya’s pure veg and then there is a dark looking udipi managed permit room bar and restaurant of the ubiquitous type one sees outside every suburban railway station in Mumbai.


Cross the

ITI Road

and reach Parihar Sweets for a quick snack of Khasta Kachori, Samosa, Batata Vada and Jilebis. A little ahead is the unassuming Diwadkar [ of Karjat Batata Wada fame] an unpretentious down-to-earth eatery for Value For Money snacks.


Then comes my favorite multicuisine café named Polka Dots. Tasty food, but does not satiate!


And then we have the popular Shivsagar – A spruced up version of the ubiquitous Udipi eatery on finds in every nook and corner of Mumbai and Pune. And on the other side is the road is Jerry’s and Tasty Bite Takeaway. Doesn’t look appetizing. And the counter at Spencer’s.


DP Road

turns left and we come to Rasoi – a

Tandoori Place

which appears run of the mill and doesn’t look inviting. A furlong ahead is the classy Seasons and at the end

DP Road

, where it meets ITI road is Sarjaa – a Mughlai, Punjabi family place.


Turn left on

ITI Road

and you will cross
Kobe- the Sizzlers place, Pizza Hut, Pulse Ozone with its cafes and basement sweet stall called Kadai, a van selling Burgers and a lady making dosas.


And of course we have the newly opened McDonalds opposite Convergys and on the

Aundh Road

towards Khadki there’s the Spartan Irani-clone Maharashtra Restaurant, the Spicer’s Bakery stall and Babumoshai Bengali Sweets for roshogullas and lavang lata.


That’s all there is in Aundh. If you are a Foodie think twice before you decide to settle down in Aundh. You’ll have to go all the way to Camp or

City to relish authentic stuff.










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