Polka Dots




It’s almost dark; Overcast Sky; Thunder, Winds and Rain; lights go off (so typical of Pune – a bit of wind, a hint of rain and the electricity fails); a depressing evening. My daughter says: “Let’s go to Polka Dots. It’s nearby and my friends tell me it’s good!”

So we land up at ‘Polka Dots’ – a cute little eating place on DP Road near Parihar Chowk in Aundh, Pune.

The café (I wouldn’t call it a restaurant) is on the side of a house, the seating well covered, the cooking area open and airy.

It’s a multicuisine eatery and the menu is confusing – it features vignettes of all types of cuisine so one can’t really classify the genre of this eating place – so we order a Roast Chicken Lyonnaise for my daughter, a Chicken Corden-Bleu (I suspect the spellings may be wrong but that’s how they spell it!) for me and a Mexican Corn & Jalapeno for my vegetarian wife.


The Chicken Corden Blue is excellent – succulent breast of chicken in a bed of mint flavored mashed potatoes drenched in delicious sauce is exquisite. The Chicken Roast is scrumptious – reminds me of the Roast Chicken I used to relish at the Sassanian Boulangerie near Metro in Mumbai. My son devours a Shepherd’s Pie – I taste a bit – it’s wholesome, nourishing and delicious. My wife tells me that the vegetarian corn and jalapeno was excellent too.

If you love a potpourri of cuisine from around the world, try the place; you may find it a bit expensive, but it’s okay once in a while. The crowd is young and the ambience is lively. And do let me know if you liked the place.




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