Khau Galli

Which is your favorite Khau Galli?ByVikram Karve 



Khau Galli? 

What does this mean? 

Well, in Marathi, Khau means treat, a food treat; and Galli means lane, or street. So Khau Galli means

Treat Street

, or

Food Lane

, call it what you like, for every town, neighborhood, locality, and person, has a favorite Khau Galli.  

When I used to stay near Churchgate in Mumbai, my favorite Khau Galli was the one near Cross Maidan, on the lane connecting SNDT’s Sunderbai Hall to

Fashion Street

. Here amidst the teeming crowd, I used to relish to my heart’s content, the choicest of street food – Pav Bhaji at Lenin Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Misal, Juices, juicy syrupy hot Jilebis, and even non-veg delicacies and gravies at the dhaba-like shack towards the Cross Maidan. The variety of street food here is awesome – you name it and it’s there! But if you are one of those high-falutin hygiene-maniacs please stay away. 

And during Ramzan, every evening, the entire lane near Minara Masjid off Mohammed Ali Road, transforms itself into a spectacular Khau Galli with mouthwatering aromas wafting through the air and exotic foods, ranging from lip smacking kababs, meats and chicken, nourishing malpuas, refreshing phirnis and cool soothing faloodas – it’s a magnificent gastronomic experience.  

In Pune, where I now live, there are a number of terrific Khau Gallis in the heart of the city, but the nearest one to me is the Khau Galli at Sangvi where you can savor Bhel, Dabeli, Pav Bhaji, Tandoori Chicken and Tikkas, Dosas, and , of course, the ubiquitous “Chinese” fare. 

Delhi, I can never forget the Khau Gallis around Chandni Chowk. Parathe Wali Galli, the unmatched incomparable finger licking syrup dripping lip smacking rich sweet succulent pure ghee jalebi at

Dariba Lane

– I’m going crazy just thinking about it, so I’ll stop here, before I go into gastronomic raptures and digress! 

Dear fellow Foodie – Which is your favorite Khau Galli?  

Please do tell us all about it. 










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