Wendy’s Yummy Chicken



Wendy’s Yummy Chicken 


Vikram Karve 



I have friend, Wendy, accomplished in the culinary arts, who taught me to rustle up this quick and simple yet most yummy dish. It’s ideal for bachelors, those rushed for time and when you have sudden guests. I’m giving you the basics for about a kilo of chicken – you’ll have to experiment, improvise, and decide the proportions of the ingredients, especially the marinade, as per your taste. 


Chicken Pieces [Best to buy frozen cleaned chicken and store if your fridge for ready use]  

Marinade comprising vinegar, soya sauce, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, lemon juice. 

Thoroughly apply the marinade to the chicken pieces, piercing them with a fork to enable the marinade permeate deep inside. Cover and keep for a few minutes to an hour [the more time the better]. Why not marinate the chicken in the morning before you go to work and keep in the fridge and you can cook the moment you return. 

Now, depending on your taste, you can either directly stir fry the marinated chicken pieces till done in hot oil. Eat it as a meal, by itself, or with chapatti, bread or rice. Pour in the marinade juices while frying if you want it a bit more succulent. 

If you want a scrumptious snack you can coat the marinated chicken pieces in maida, rawa, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs, or cornflour and shallow fry till crisp and crunchy. [Add some pepper, chilli powder and salt to the coating material for better taste]. 

This lip smacking dish always tastes yummy, whichever way you make it. 

Try adding a bit of tomato ketchup to the marinade for a sweet and sour taste or chilli sauce instead of fresh chilli paste. Improvise, experiment, optimize the proportions of ingredients of the marinade, to achieve your own unique delectable taste. 

Breathtaking in its simplicity, isn’t it? Try it tonight when you get home and let me know how you liked it.  

And Dear Wendy – wherever you are [
Goa?] – God Bless You and Thanks a ton for all the good food!







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